Over many years, Ffion has developed an evaluation technique that is light, non-bureaucratic and highly effective. Tailored to your board’s needs, the Independent Board Evaluation process can be angled to a specific issue or used as a general assessment of a board’s effectiveness.


Independent Board Evaluation was founded by Ffion in 2008 and is an independent consultancy working exclusively on board effectiveness reviews. Supported by a team of experienced researchers, Ffion has conducted board evaluations for all kinds of companies and organisations across the commercial, public and voluntary sectors.

“Board Evaluation has become a regular feature of an effective board's calendar. It is simply the best investment you can make in the continuous improvement of your top team.”

Ffion Hague

Ffion Hague has been conducting board evaluations for over 10 years. She is a specialist in corporate governance, a coach and mentor for new non-executive directors and is regularly asked to speak on board effectiveness and diversity.